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Packaging, Identity & Branding,

Print, Digital & Web, Illustration, 

Social Media, Copywriting

I am an independent graphic designer with a specialization in package design and social media. Based in Toronto, the heart of the melting pot, I am inspired by the multitude of lifestyles, cultures, tones, and trends. I enjoy developing and evolving brands across industries. My goal is to collaborate with brands and designers around the globe.

Personally, design has been a true labour of love. I dove into the industry of consumer goods. I soon realized it was too much too soon. It led me down a path of branding, social media, and print. I'm here to provide the full package deal – no shortcuts taken! Let me explain how all of these applications weave into each other.

for the love of design.
Roots in Belarus, Minsk. Born in London, England. Raised in Toronto, Canada. Design warps and shapeshifts in every country. Keeping an open mind, I want to capture the very essence and background of you and your brand.

Thank you,

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